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We at Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning know better than anyone that moving can be a really stressful time. With the heavy lifting, time management, and multiple trips that are often involved, moving can sometimes be an all-day event, made even worse when you have to clean your new apartment, college dorm, or home beforehand as well! We are proud to be able to alleviate students from at least one of those stressors, offering make ready cleaning in Lubbock, TX by cleaning before and after students move into dorms.

Did you just get into that dream school of yours, or are you moving back in after a summer off? Partnering up with Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning for your moving project is a decision you will never regret. We offer college move in cleaning, meaning that we will be in and out of your dorm before you even get there, and you will be pleased to find it spotless, ready to welcome you. Keep in mind that we also offer dorm cleaning, so that we can continue to assist you by keeping your dorm clean all semester long!

Are you in possession of a vacant house or commercial office building that you are trying to sell or preparing to move into, but the home or building is so dirty you do not know what to do? As always, we are here to help. With our vacant house & commercial office building cleaning option, we can really scrub the place down for you so that it is suitable for use. We are excited to assist you with your move in ready cleaning so that you can carry on with your busy schedule without a hitch.

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